Greg Palast - Vultures' Picnic

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"They lied to Congress, they perjured themselves, they concealed the fact they had a major blowout from offshore drilling."
- Greg Palast

In his latest book, Vultures' Picnic, investigative reporter Greg Palast jumps ass deep into the one percent's favorite combustible lubricant. Armed with a miniature recording device, condoms, mosquito repellant, K-Y Jelly, a 3.4-ounce flask of Felipe II, and his trademark fedora hat, Palast travels from Alaska to the Amazon, and from Louisiana to Liberia to expose the dirty business of crude oil, and those who make indecent fortunes from it.

During the course of his investigations, Palast uncovers the incestuous relationships between the petroleum corporations and the governments they control, and how human and environmental carnage, corruption, coup d'├ętats, and cover-ups are ultimately considered a cost of doing business by these toxic bedfellows.

[Caution: You may feel violated after reading this interview -- but at least you'll know a few of the names of the motherfuckers that are screwing you.]

Read my exclusive interview with Greg Palast on

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