The L Word's Mia Kirshner: I Live Here

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The L Word's Mia Kirshner takes the plight of refugees and the displaced personally. As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and the daughter of a father born in a displaced persons camp in Germany shortly after World War II and a mother who's a Bulgarian Jewish refugee, it would be hard not to.

Born and raised in Toronto, Mia studied Russian and English Literature at Montreal's prestigious McGill University, before taking on the role of actress.

Never one to shy away from difficult subject matter, Mia has a fearless reputation in Hollywood, taking on numerous sexually challenging roles. She portrayed a dominatrix with psychic abilities in acclaimed Quebec filmmaker Denys Arcand's first English language movie, Love and Human Remains, she was a mysterious bisexual assassin in Fox's 24, played the title role of murder victim and women whose sexuality was the source of much speculation in Brian De Palma's Black Dahlia, and is a regular on the small screen as Jenny from The L Word, a Showtime drama based around the lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women living in WeHo.

The recurring themes of female sexuality and empowerment, and the plight of those displaced by conflict collided, when, over a period of seven years and with the support Amnesty International, Mia journeyed around the world to gather the stories of women and children who were driven from their homes. From the war in Chechnya and the ethnic cleansing in Burma to those affected by globalization in Mexico and AIDS in Malawi, Mia tells the tales of individuals would otherwise not have a voice in a compelling and beautiful new book, I Live Here.

Mia shares one of the many tales from her journey, and talks about how the story told by a prostitute in Thailand came a little too close to her home, at the link below:

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